Launch of New TPM Website

Tahoma Pest Management
Tacoma, WA
Header : Tahoma Pest Management Launches New and Improved Website
Tacoma, WA – Many people are inundated with pests and unwanted insects. It is
important to find the right professionals for the job. Fortunately for those in Tacoma, a
well known pest control company, Tahoma Pest Management, has just launched a
new website making it easier for consumers to find the right solution.
For pest control in Tacoma, TPM utilizes all of the most up to date methods and
materials to counteract any challenge. The launch of the new website details these new
methods. Not only will the company use modern techniques, but they are also known as
one of the most responsive and affordable pest control businesses in the area. With the
launch of their new website, they have only continued to improve their already excellent
customer service and communication.
Tahoma Pest Management is a family owned company with over a decade of
experience in the industry. Their residential services include everything from rodent
control, ant and spider elimination, to ridding the home of cockroach infestations.
Not only does the company handle these issues, but the professionals at TPM can also
take care of stinging insects such as yellow jackets and bees. To learn more about the
company’s services and even some useful information and facts about the various pests
themselves, check out the Tahoma Pest Management new and improved website.
These Pest exterminators in Tacoma, WA also handle commercial issues as well as
residential. TPM can handle infestation clean outs, consultations, scheduled
maintenance services, auditor compliance, and many more. The company has
experience in warehouses, industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, grocery stores,
property management, restaurants, and the healthcare industry.
The company also specializes in bee friendly pest control in partnership with Craig
Family Honey Farms
. If honey bees are disturbing a residence or business, Tahoma
Pest Management will remove and relocate all of the honey bees to a location at the
Honey Farm. TPM also avoids the usage of pesticides, as well as specific methods that
have negative effects on beneficial insects and pollinators.
Customers agree that their timely manner and exceptional attention to detail make
Tahoma Pest Management one of the best exterminators in Tacoma. Customers also
agree that whether the problem is big or small, the job is always done right and in the
most professional manner.
When partnering with TPM, clients know the company will work with them to eliminate
their pest problems, not just in the present, but also in the future. To ask any questions
or to find out more information, fill out the contact form on the new website or give the
company a call. /

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