Murder Hornets!

This Summer, remember to social distance from the Murder Hornet! If you think you have found them please report it to the Washington Department of Agriculture immediately. If you are uncertain, you can always reach out to us with a good picture of your suspect and we’ll let you know what it is! /

Asian Giant Hornet Invasion

If you havent heard by now Honeybees have a new threat right here in Washington! The Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia) was found multiple times last Summer near the Canadian border.
The WSDA and USDA need everyone’s help in stomping out these invaders before they get established. View the response guide published by the USDA to learn more:–wL2TajnTNOWui-RCDs7CckOkwWXIwrJ88NtoSdZW1WFVw /