Rodent exclusion

Today we are working on keeping rodents out of a client’s home.

Would you believe some pest control companies don’t do exclusion work? For them the thinking is that if they fix how the rodents get in they won’t have the recurring revenue every time rats show up… Thats not how we do things.

At Tahoma Pest Management WE WILL FIX whatever condition is permitting their entry. If it’s something we can’t do, we’ll pull from our network of trusted partners to get the job done! /

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Bird Work Day

Today we are working on installing Bird-Jolt track to the tops of a client’s sign holders. Also, a few feet of spike to the overhang supports at a stairway. If you need birds excluded from an area of your building Tahoma Pest Management is your solution. Bird-Jolt is essentially an electric fence applied in the same manner as spikes, just better looking asthetically. /